Sunday, February 28, 2010

Final Thoughts

This has been a challenging class for me as English courses and writing assignments do not come naturally for me. In fact, I have changed this very first sentence four different ways. I seem to naturally write wordy awkward sentences and paragraphs. This class has helped me narrow down an order of operations in writing. I feel I have improved in writing more concise sentences. I have noticed myself simplifying statements. I caught myself writing a run on sentence and I stopped myself, ended the sentence, and started the next one. The peer critiques, the exercises, and the instruction directly related to the end product and in improving our skills. Improvements aside, I think it is important for me to continue to write because I do need more practice.
My performance did meet my expectations. However, I might be my own worst critic. What I loved about this class the most was the amount of valuable feedback and helpful criticism I received. This is my last course with National University. I have to admit the majority of the time, I either didn’t receive any constructive critique of my research papers at all or the little I did was either too late to be helpful or was only a mere sentence or two.
I don’t think there is anything I would do differently. I hope that I wouldn’t need to take this course again for the nightly assignments were demanding for my daily schedule of work, children, and home life. It was also particularly difficult for my family lost a loved one this month and two last month. I certainly would continue to plug along the same as I did. I would do the best I could just the same and give all that I can with the ability that I have. I know this will lead me to be better and at the end of the day be proud of my accomplishments.
The beginning week was unsettling. I panicked looking over the workload and the schedule. I was so nervous that perhaps I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. I knew I was in for a tough month. I was so proud of my writing. I usually feel so accomplished upon completing my assignments. When I reviewed the graded mark up, I felt nervous. The mark up suggestions when I saw them seemed so obvious, and yet they would have never occurred to me on my own.
My writing has improved by taking this class. Even though I continue to have challenges, I think I am a good writer. I have good ideas and make good points. My writing is better organized and I have a clear idea how to layout an attack of an augmentative paper. Some of the assignments weren’t worth many points. This does not always leave much room or flexibility for grading. My grades received were much lower than I had anticipated. I know my writing is far from perfect and an “A” would not be in order. However, I do believe a “B” would be applicable. In the case were the numbers don’t add up to a “B” and a “C” is what is issued, I will be delighted in completing and passing this course and inconsequence completing the requirements for my Bachelor’s degree. As a final thought, I would like to sincerely thank the professor for her time and assistance.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail” would work, in this day and age, as a blog entry. His appeals to human justice are timeless. His references to philosophers and philosophy and to God and the Bible are timeless and compelling. He brilliantly organizes his statements. In this letter he first introduces himself and then confirms there similarities as people so then he can present his argument, yet it is more of a clarification of logic and reason. He draws upon our senses and emotions in pleading his case. We clearly see the images he describes, like the child's eyes swollen with tears, not understanding why they can't go to Funtown. I love how in the ending paragraph he stands with God and so clearly states if he has said anything unreasonable, impatient, or overstated the truth he asks for forgiveness from them and from God. I love how he closes the deal so to speak with a question of "Have I said anything unreasonable?" Of course he hadn't. Then he wishes them well. He wishes to meet as fellow clergymen and brothers! This seems silly to mention in comparison, but I have noticed it too to be affective when job interviewing to thank them for there time, my delight of meeting them, and my hope what ever their choice be that I sincerely hope they find the person they are looking for. I have found their facial response to be surprised in my wanting the best for them.

In the few posts and blog of others that I have read I have found it interesting to read the emotions, perspectives, logic, and reasoning of others. There is always something I hadn't thought of. I see how if we reflect on others writings we can also self reflect in our own self awareness and perhaps we to can grow and expand.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I prefer to work and use APA, but that is because I am most familiar with it. After about 22-24 classes having paper for each I used MLA format in only one. I feel pretty experienced in working with it now. It was entirely brand new for me at the beginning. What really helped was that my first class at National University was ILR 240, introduction to literary research and writing. In this class our text was a guide named Bookmarks. I have used this book in every class since. Now that I have started this course, I have referenced The Little, Brown Essential Handbook. I will continue to want to use APA style in the future.
Documentation is vital. As a reader we need to know where our information is coming from. We need to validate the authority and agenda of sources. As a writer we need to give credit to our sources for their work. Citation also gives us an out, saving our integrity if our source in the end is mistaken or incorrect. We can later write a retract or an update. I find the easy part is applying citation with in the body of text. I find the most difficult portion, being the actual researching portion, especially when searching for precise studies to support a claim. I find that the University's online library is the most helpful and instrumental in my research. I also like Google and Yahoo search engines.

Week 2 reflection

I have been instructed to reflect on week 2's writing assignments. Hmmm funny thing is I feel like I am making progress, however I continue to struggle with awkward sentences and wordiness. I wonder how to correct this. I suppose with more practise I will improve. I wonder if it has to do with being some what dyslexic. I had trouble learning to read growing up and I had the toughest time learning to type. I would read words but I would type them inside out or backwards. Sometimes at work I will type up a quick email and when I reread it, I will find I need to cut the last sentence and paste up at the beginning. I seem to be inclined to write up all my supporting documentation and then finish with my concluding point.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wow, much like exercising, writing does a body good!

As painful as it is, both exercise and writing pays off when done regularly. This class was rather intimidating at the start and now I am digesting it one bite at a time. The nightly assignments due each and every night is difficult and plainly exhausting.

This is the best english class I have ever taken. The reading and the assignments are directly helpful and realistic. I really like how the exploratory draft sets us up and prepares the initial layout I have been missing from my writing. Then the peer review was instramental in filling in the blanks that was eluding me in my draft. This was awesome. I wish I could have this type of peer review in my other classes in my other writings. I am so excited to have the input they have given me. My paper will be so much better for it.

The thing about writing that is so cool, it has a way of drawing up something unexpected, unconscience, thoughts or ideas that bubble up to my awareness, a thread, a path towards a suprise conclusion. Something new is gained that wasn't there before. It can be magical, but one must begin for it to be able to flow. To write is a form of spritual practice. I suppose that is why so many write in a diary or a journal. I wonder how many still do or do we just blog!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 blab log

This is our first week and so much to do. I still need to get back to the discussion board and post our first response. The blog site is fun I suppoes, however it is yet another area to complete. I wish I could just go get a blanket and get started on the reading already. I am loosing so much time trying to figure out all this new stuff.

It does give me some sense of being a bit hip now that I have my own blog adress.

1st writing assignment

I finished the Public Administration Bachelors degree program. It is funny for I did not pick out this program. It was actually chosen for me, I only decided to participate. You see, I have work for local county government and it was the Organizational Development Departments that arranged with the both the County and the City to enter into a contract with National University for this single degree program of Public Administration. An email was broadcasted out to all employees extending to opportunity to attend a special hybrid program that offered a combination of online and in class time at discounted rate. I certainly didn’t want to miss out on the discount of forty percent off. I loved the program structure of one night in class and the rest online. I also really liked how only one class is taken at a time for a single month.
The accelerated rate would make achieving a Bachelors degree with in reach and with in a short amount of time. I had already completed an Associates of Science degree in Accounting, but I would need a Bachelors degree if I ever wished to promote to an Auditors position at my work. I could see how this degree type would really assist me in my future growth in Public Administration. To be honest, I didn’t know it even existed as a degree program. This would be perfect for me in accounting at a county to receive a degree in Public Administration. The reality at the county I work for is that the majority of the workforce especially those in management are due to be retiring in the next five years. This will create opening and opportunities. National University could help me prepare and be ready for future opportunities. Most of all I didn’t want to miss out and regret it at a later date.
Once I started looking into the Public Administration after I was committed to earning a Bachelors degree, I realized how this would not only prepare me for management in public service but also in a non profit organization. I started to day dream that perhaps, I could start my own non-profit one day. I am not sure what that would be just yet, but the idea sounds wonderful and gratifying. I love the idea and excitement of being an entrepreneur, creating my own baby and see it grow and take off. I just can’t help but feel there is something formulating out on the peripheral.