Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wow, much like exercising, writing does a body good!

As painful as it is, both exercise and writing pays off when done regularly. This class was rather intimidating at the start and now I am digesting it one bite at a time. The nightly assignments due each and every night is difficult and plainly exhausting.

This is the best english class I have ever taken. The reading and the assignments are directly helpful and realistic. I really like how the exploratory draft sets us up and prepares the initial layout I have been missing from my writing. Then the peer review was instramental in filling in the blanks that was eluding me in my draft. This was awesome. I wish I could have this type of peer review in my other classes in my other writings. I am so excited to have the input they have given me. My paper will be so much better for it.

The thing about writing that is so cool, it has a way of drawing up something unexpected, unconscience, thoughts or ideas that bubble up to my awareness, a thread, a path towards a suprise conclusion. Something new is gained that wasn't there before. It can be magical, but one must begin for it to be able to flow. To write is a form of spritual practice. I suppose that is why so many write in a diary or a journal. I wonder how many still do or do we just blog!

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