Wednesday, February 3, 2010

1st writing assignment

I finished the Public Administration Bachelors degree program. It is funny for I did not pick out this program. It was actually chosen for me, I only decided to participate. You see, I have work for local county government and it was the Organizational Development Departments that arranged with the both the County and the City to enter into a contract with National University for this single degree program of Public Administration. An email was broadcasted out to all employees extending to opportunity to attend a special hybrid program that offered a combination of online and in class time at discounted rate. I certainly didn’t want to miss out on the discount of forty percent off. I loved the program structure of one night in class and the rest online. I also really liked how only one class is taken at a time for a single month.
The accelerated rate would make achieving a Bachelors degree with in reach and with in a short amount of time. I had already completed an Associates of Science degree in Accounting, but I would need a Bachelors degree if I ever wished to promote to an Auditors position at my work. I could see how this degree type would really assist me in my future growth in Public Administration. To be honest, I didn’t know it even existed as a degree program. This would be perfect for me in accounting at a county to receive a degree in Public Administration. The reality at the county I work for is that the majority of the workforce especially those in management are due to be retiring in the next five years. This will create opening and opportunities. National University could help me prepare and be ready for future opportunities. Most of all I didn’t want to miss out and regret it at a later date.
Once I started looking into the Public Administration after I was committed to earning a Bachelors degree, I realized how this would not only prepare me for management in public service but also in a non profit organization. I started to day dream that perhaps, I could start my own non-profit one day. I am not sure what that would be just yet, but the idea sounds wonderful and gratifying. I love the idea and excitement of being an entrepreneur, creating my own baby and see it grow and take off. I just can’t help but feel there is something formulating out on the peripheral.

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