Thursday, February 25, 2010

Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King’s “Letter From Birmingham Jail” would work, in this day and age, as a blog entry. His appeals to human justice are timeless. His references to philosophers and philosophy and to God and the Bible are timeless and compelling. He brilliantly organizes his statements. In this letter he first introduces himself and then confirms there similarities as people so then he can present his argument, yet it is more of a clarification of logic and reason. He draws upon our senses and emotions in pleading his case. We clearly see the images he describes, like the child's eyes swollen with tears, not understanding why they can't go to Funtown. I love how in the ending paragraph he stands with God and so clearly states if he has said anything unreasonable, impatient, or overstated the truth he asks for forgiveness from them and from God. I love how he closes the deal so to speak with a question of "Have I said anything unreasonable?" Of course he hadn't. Then he wishes them well. He wishes to meet as fellow clergymen and brothers! This seems silly to mention in comparison, but I have noticed it too to be affective when job interviewing to thank them for there time, my delight of meeting them, and my hope what ever their choice be that I sincerely hope they find the person they are looking for. I have found their facial response to be surprised in my wanting the best for them.

In the few posts and blog of others that I have read I have found it interesting to read the emotions, perspectives, logic, and reasoning of others. There is always something I hadn't thought of. I see how if we reflect on others writings we can also self reflect in our own self awareness and perhaps we to can grow and expand.

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